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TikTok is testing a brand new “watch history” function with some customers to permit them to search out movies that appeared on their “For You” web page that they didn’t have an opportunity to avoid wasting. Given the constant stream of content on TikTok, by chance refreshing your “For You” web page and losing a video earlier than you’ve had an opportunity to “like” it is a typical drawback for users. Plainly TikTok is looking to unravel this downside with the addition of this doable feature. When asked if the corporate plans to develop the take a look at and roll out the characteristic to more customers, TikTok instructed TechCrunch in an electronic mail that it doesn’t have extra to share on the check right now. Twitter consumer Hammod Oh, who usually uncovers features which can be at present being examined by social media platforms, first spotted the function, which was then highlighted by social media consultant Matt Navarra. Screenshots posted by Hammod Oh and different customers indicate that a TikTok user’s watch historical past will likely be accessible within the “content and activity” section in the app’s settings. “We’re at all times desirous about new ways to carry worth to our neighborhood and enrich the TikTok experience,” a TikTok spokesperson instructed TechCrunch, when reached for remark. The test comes as some TikTok customers have discovered workarounds to assist find lost videos. The video instructs users to go to the Discover web page, click on search, enter an asterisk, go to the search filters tab and toggle the “watched videos” button. Earlier this 12 months, TikTok consumer “rachforaday” posted a video that walks customers by the technique of uncovering a lost video on the platform. When you click on apply, you’ll get an inventory of movies you’ve seen previously seven days. The video has since gained immense traction and has been seen greater than 32 million instances and has greater than 5.5 million likes.
Welcome to a different version of X3F Achievements 101, and this week we touch on some of the builds used in Shadowrun whereas getting the Achievements for enjoying one hundred matches as each race, and the fun present in being a Katan00b, although scoring bleed outs takes far more skill that just mashing the right trigger on your enemy and hoping for a kill. I also dabbed into the multiplayer portion of The Darkness, and scored some Achievements in that, in addition to finally getting some overdue ones in the sport’s single player story. All of this and extra will be found after the break. Recently, in Shadowrun, I’ve been working on getting the Achievements for enjoying particular races for 100 matches. Also value noting is that if the server leaves the sport, and you see the “Selecting new server” message, that counts in direction of your total video games performed as that race. Lately, I’ve been playing as a Troll, and at the identical time been working on getting my Master Ninja Achievement by getting one hundred fatal wounds with the Katana at the same time.
Originally of the weekend, I bought my Troll Player, and moved onto Elf, but still wielded the Katana. My Troll ninja construct was numerous fun, as I had Wired Reflexes, Smoke and both Gust or Teleport as my third mapped item, with Tree accessible for quick cast. Using AMGs is actually handy, as sometimes my prey will forged Tree of Life or attempt to smoke away. With the Elf, I have been specializing in catching enemies unawares, so my build with him is Teleport, Enhanced Vision, and Anti-Magic Generators. Once I take their Essence out the equation, they’re helpless and inevitably meet their doom. After a particularly fruitful match on Maelstrom, I got my Master Ninja Achievement and the one hundred Gamerscore that comes with it. I picked up “Zombie Scores!” in passing on Temple Grounds, and bought “That’s One Frustrated Sniper.” by having a teammate fire at me along with his Sniper Rifle.
Set the cap limit to a few, so you’ve got quick video games, beneath two minutes if you’re the only one capping, and going in direction of your 50 caps Achievement. If you are trading off caps for quicker video games, to go in direction of 250 games received, you will get a match carried out in underneath a minute in case your companion is ready at the enemy flag as you seize it, tag-group type. It gave it to me upon ending the fourth chapter, as I did the fifth on regular as a check when i first did not get awarded the Hard difficulty Achievement. I additionally finally received an Achievement for completing the marketing campaign, although just for the normal problem. So now I’m back on the primary chapter on Hard, but I might not need to play by the entire story again for it to depend as “full”. Unfortunately, that’ll be all I actually received by way of Achievement information, other than the rental place a block from where I lived closed down, so I have to go farther for my cheap Achievements. We’ll need to see how that goes. I’m probably going to crack into Open Season quickly, then start working by means of some of the better ones I own, resembling LEGO Star Wars II and Oblivion. As for organizing those multiplayer matches, perhaps I’ll make a sign-up post in the course of the week to schedule for the weekend so we will get the ball rolling on that front. Anyway, thanks for studying X3F Achievements one zero one and do not hesitate to contact me through one of the methods beneath with you comments, questions, solutions, or offerings of time for Achievement trading. All merchandise really useful by Engadget are selected by our editorial staff, unbiased of our guardian company. Some of our stories embody affiliate hyperlinks. If you purchase one thing by means of one of those links, we could earn an affiliate commission.
Speaking of the Sniper Rifle, I started getting some kills with it, though I’m a great distance from getting a hundred with either that or a minion with the Summon spell. In time, I suppose. I additionally need Healer, and to get 5 Strangle kills, among others. I went back to The Darkness, and got my feet wet within the multiplayer mode, scoring Achievements in the Capture the flag gametype in addition to getting 8 killing sprees. My aim is to attempt to get 1000 on Shadowrun before Halo 3 hits subsequent month, so we’ll see how that goes. The magnificence about seize the flag is that you can play with a buddy on the identical crew against nobody and just run flags between the 2 of you. The beneficial setup for a multiplayer match is that fortuitously you can use Player matches in your video games, and have it set on a small map like Asylum, and make your characters Shapeshifters, so that you could remodel into Darklings on the fly and capture the flags so much quicker than you’d as a human.