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The Unexpected Magic Of Mushrooms – BBC Future

Four Sigmatic Coffee + Lion`s Mane & Chaga mushroom mixTien Huynh, a biotechnologist on the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Canada, has been main a mission to create comparable fungal brick by combining mycelium from Trametes versicolor with rice hulls and crushed waste glass. She says they not solely provide an inexpensive and environmentally friendly building materials, however additionally they assist to solve one other downside facing many properties in Canada and all over the world – termites. The silica content of the rice and the glass makes the material less appetising to termites, which cause billions of dollars in harm to homes every year. “In our research, we have now additionally used the fungi to provide enzymes and new biostructures for various properties together with sound absorption, energy and adaptability,” says Huynh. Her team can be working on using fungi to produce chitin – a substance used to thicken foods and in many cosmetics. “Usually chitin is processed from shellfish, which has hypoallergenic properties,” she says. Fungi can be used together with traditional constructing supplies to create a “smart concrete” that may heal itself as the fungi grows into any cracks that kind, secreting fresh calcium carbonate – the key uncooked materials in concrete – to restore the injury. “The fungal chitin doesn’t. He and his colleagues have been utilizing fungi and hay waste to create an alternate to wooden for building. “Everything that we now name agricultural waste is definitely an incredible useful resource that mushrooms can develop on. We have already degraded our atmosphere and so if we will change the current supplies with something that is going to hold up in some sustainable method. Future fans by liking us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. “The potentialities for what we might use mycelium for are limitless,” says Gitartha Kalita, a bioengineer at Assam Engineering College and Assam Don Bosco University in Guwahati, India. A handpicked number of stories from BBC Future, Culture, Capital, and Travel, delivered to your inbox each Friday.
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